The People Of Redwood Mill

Redwood Mill is a small town in the East of Thauem. Most of its residents do not deserve a detailed profile but some background information may be beneficial.

Roderick Smallhosen (Town Warden) has a reputation as a fair man, in his second term as Town Warden. His family own the Mill.

Captain Dick Arroway (Captain of the Town Guard)
A tall, well built man. Grew up on a farm just outside the town. Joined the town guard after a run in with the authorities as a young man. Caught poaching to feed his family the Captain of the guard at the time took pity on him and took him under his wing. He served the town guard initially as ‘punishment’ before taking a part time post with them. (Excellent with a bow, average with a sword)

Tom Stone, Inn Keeper

Tom is short for a human and his stocky appearance causes folk to jest that he has Dwarf blood. He rarely takes kindly to such jokes and jibes and wears what’s left of his white hair short and remains clean shaven.

“How many dwarves have you seen without a beard?”

Bill Fletcher, Farmer

“I’m not a fletcher, I’m a farmer, but if you give me yer arrows I’ll plant em in the ground, see if they grow you a bow!”

The People Of Redwood Mill

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