Session 11

As the gong rang out the adventurers noticed the temperature drop as a mist started to form in the corners of the great hall. They became aware of the sound of water, which preceded the ghostly form of a funeral skiff entering the chamber. The skiff was crewed by zombies and skeletons which the party fought off, however they were unable to touch or damage the hooded figure who appeared to be steering the skiff, both it and the boat vanishing into the floor of the great hall.

As they gathered their composure following the battle the party caught a glimpse of two robed figures retreating down the passageway to the north. Having tracked the strangers back to an as yet unopened room they made plans to attack. On entering the room Arturio cast a ‘sleep’ spell on two of the three occupants. After a relatively brutal questioning the leader of the three men revealed that they were Acolytes from a Monastery in the land of Karag Shur, sent here to find Malfreces Nul who they believe to be a hermit living in Stonehell who holds some connection with, or control over the (und)dead. The Acolytes are unaware of their Abbot’s plans for Malfreces Nul, their instructions being to offer financial rewards if he were to join them. The young Acolytes have been disturbed by the activity of the undead and fear for their lives and those of the three colleagues who were accompanying them into Stonehell.

Following an unfortunate ‘incident’ which resulted in Terner inciting one of the Acolytes to kill another the party decided to allow the remaining two to leave, however they stumbled onto a trapdoor which appears to allow access to a lower level of the dungeon.

Before proceeding lower the adventurers elected to try and clear out the remaining crypts. Some treasure was discovered and many more undead laid to rest, however Salmadin, the group’s recently recruited fighter, met an untimely death, leaving the party to retreat to safety and reconsider their options.


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