Redwood Mill and the return to Stonehell (Session 10)

The Party returned to Redwood Mill after an uneventful trip.

They learned that since they had been gone Cornelius Knutt had expressed deep regret for his previous actions and following a period of fasting had requested to join The Brotherhood Of The Everbright Flame as a novice. The party were skeptical. Father Rasmus Bystrom paid the party as promised and Jedediah negotiated treatment for his blindness (though he now owes the Brotherhood 400GP)

Jedediah led the group in a memorial service to Caluki, laying the Elf to rest in a manner that seemed appropriate.

Whist resting and recuperating the party recruited Derek, a local hunter and swordsman to join them when they returned to Stonehell. Whilst the Brotherhood did not intend on paying the party further they elected to send Father Dalgaard back to Stonehell along with three young acolytes to act as protection. The party purchased horse, cart and supplies and travelled with the brothers back to Stonehell.

Once the camp was set the adventurers retraced their steps into the dungeon.

A stone obelisk on a black and white chequered floor interested the party but they were unable to discern it’s purpose.

A raised dais in another chamber held a chest that appeared to be protected by some kind of magical fire. Terner successfully dodged the strangely coloured flames and opened the chest, narrowly avoiding the poison gas trap within. With treasure recovered the party regrouped.

They also came across more undead, a group of three ghouls turned from Jedediah’s holy rage. The area was full of the trappings of the deceased and the party encountered and exorcised a haunted cremation furnace.

A battle with more zombies and animated skeletons went in the parties favour and a large bronze gong discovered in the same room was just asking to be rung…


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