Terner Bear Bane





Terner is an accidental rogue. Brought up by a strictly religious family (his father is a minister for a small church dedicated to light, compassion and order), Terner spent many hours of his youth wandering amongst the congregation, surreptitiously lifting things from their pockets; keeping what he deemed pretty, but often either replacing or even swapping items between people.

In the evenings, Terner would often sneak into the church (not exactly a difficult thing to do as he was clearly known as the minister’s son) and practise his skills on the poor box, fiddling with the lock until it clicked open. Sadly, it was on one such occasion that a local busy-body caught him in the act. Although he didn’t really care about the shame brought upon his family, this was, nevertheless, the event that caused Terner to finally leave home and take to the road as an adventurer.

At some point in the future, Terner, Son of a Preacher Man, intends to loot the poor boxes of the wealthiest churches in the land.

Terner Bear Bane

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