Jeddadiah – Cleric of Gaia
Jeddadiah is a simple country man of perhaps 22 or 23 summers. He grew up with the rest of the village lads enjoying all the past-times that such lads enjoy – farming, hunting, drinking beers and wines, and learning about the ways of the world. Nothing was particularly distinguishing about him – his lot was the same as all the others.
Just about the only unusual thing about Jeddadiah was his strength – he could lift a small millstone all on his own – and his interest in finding out how things really worked. He often spent time discussing nature, and the order of the natural world with the elders of the village. He would make time to seek out old crones or wise men on market day in the village or up at the Theign’s Holdfast at the Solstice Festivals. He loved knowing more than those around him – not because he wished to brag or be special – but because he liked to help people.
One of the side benefits of his interest was that he learned to combine his interest in how things worked with his core belief that there was a single divine hand
guiding the powers abroad in the world. Yes – there were the spirits of the trees, the water, the lands and the sun. But there was one greater than those spirits (who some called their gods) – one whose ultimate purpose Jeddadiah had no way of knowing without much contemplation and study. Jeddidiah therefore learned to read from one of the older priests of Pelor – this skill really did start to set him apart from the other boys in the village and he started to find out about whole new worlds and concepts which he had previously had no inkling of. He started to develop a deeper understanding of the world, which increased his belief and faith in the divine power he called Gaia. There were many other believers in Gaia, although they did not practice a formal religion.
Jeddiaiah had started to learn more from other belivers who had found ways of channelling the powers of the world to aid their cause. Two winters ago, Jeddidiah had spent the long Winter Solstice in an old grove in the nearby Tanglefoot Forest with some of the wise men and women, learning a few rituals and incantations used to channel divine energies into healing magics and other cantrips. He had exchanged some of his own small knowledge.
Overall – he is on a journey to learn more and ever more……

Strength 16 : Dexterity 12 : Constitution 13 : Intelligence 9 : Wisdom 16 : Charisma 5 :
Jeddadiah : Statistics
+2 Modifier None
+2 Modifier +1 Reaction
He is of Neutral
it’s attendant good and evil characteristics.
Saving Throws
Breath Attacks 16 Poison / Death 11 Petrify / Paralyze 14 Wands 12 Spells / Devices 15
Alignment – essentially believing in the balance of the world and nature with all of


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