Cornelius Knutt

A business man with ties to the Brotherhood Of The Eternal Flame


Cornelius Knutt is a business man from Redwood Mill. He is in his thirty seventh year. He lives in a newer house which utilises stone and wood construction, which differs from the simpler wooden buildings that make up the majority of the town.


Taught his first letters at an early age by a travelling ‘storyman’ Cornelius Knutt was a bright and intelligent youth. Despite his bookish ways his father insisted he help with the family business and he earned his living as a young man by building and repairing many of the homes and business premises in Redwood Mill When his father died Knutt was free to study but books and paper being rare and expensive his choice was limited. Whilst working in an older dwelling close to the river he discovered a hidden stash of ancient books. Some were written in foreign languages but he was able to understand most of one, written in an older version of the common tongue. The book was list of simple cantrips and his interest in magic was born.

Knutt studied in secret, eventually developing a method of reading languages he did not naturally understand and unlocking magical secrets that have been lost for hundreds of years.
He became fascinated by the writings of the Thau Ele, the ancient Elven race that inhabited Thauem before the invasion from Karag Shur. He studied what published work he could find and quizzed every travelling bard, storyman and missionary about the history of Thauem.

Eventually Knutt began to study time itself, discovering an inconsistency in the accepted calendar of Thauem in the process. He theorised that by using a variant of a spell normally used to teleport items through space he might be able to move an item, possibly even a person, through time instead.

Cornelius Knutt

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