Time For A Change - Session One

The ‘One Eyed Newt’ is an inn in the hamlet of Western Byway. It’s a well known meeting place for merchants and travellers and here we meet Jedediah (a cleric played by Jim) Arturio (John’s Magic User) and Turner (Styx’ thief) They are here seeking adventure (or perhaps just the right ‘business opportunity’) They meet Erik, a young man who is the only survivor of an ambush ‘monsters, with sharp teeth, grey green skin and red eyes’ have killed his ‘brothers’ and made off with a cart containing their modest possessions and a single box of considerable value.

Our adventurers travel to the site of the ambush. Erik then leaves them to rejoin the rest of his order (he is also cleric) at their new temple in the town of Redwood Mill. The party are able to track the hijacked cart to a cave where they encounter (and eventually defeat) three Goblins. Inside the cave they find the empty cart as well as evidence that Erik’s box may have been offloaded here. They also stumble upon an ancient tomb. Using the power of his god Jedediah successfully turns away four skeleton guards and the party battle a fifth, more power skeleton who they defeat. They recover 200 gold pieces, four small gold statuettes and a longsword which Arturio believes may hold some magical properties (it is certainly in excellent condition given it’s apparent age) They also retain a metal disc which formed part of the seal to the tomb. It is embossed with faded and an as yet unrecognisable script.

The party find an alternative exit from the cave which takes them back to the main road. With no clue as to the location of the missing box they decide to visit the temple and talk to Erik and the other members of his order. They discover that the missing box contains a valuable mechanical device called a ‘clock’ which the members of the Brotherhood of The Everbright Flame in Redwood Mill intend to install in their new temple. Our party are somewhat confused by the workings of this device but understand it is some newfangled way to accurately measure time. Other than the priests and brothers the only other person to have expressed any interest in this ‘clock’ is a local business man, Cornelius Knutt. Knutt has helped the clerics establish the temple in town by negotiating the purchase of the land and providing building materials. This agreement has benefitted Knutt, enabling him to build structures with this material. The adventurers are suspicious and decide to investigate further.


brucecunnington brucecunnington

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