“Before the dark age Thauem was populated by the Thau-Ele. Skilled engineers and architects, they could manipulate natural resources to construct complex structures and forge blades and tools from exotic metals. Legend has it that the Thau-Ele also had an understanding of magic, an art now largely lost and forgotten.

Hundreds of years ago Thauem was invaded by a force of barbaric humans who brought with them their slave army; ‘The grey folk’ The numerical superiority of the invading force overwhelmed Thauem’s native population and the land was plunged into chaos.

After generations of barbaric rule a volcanic eruption destroyed the invader’s capital city killing thousands, scorching the land and leaving the already unstable ruling class without leadership. Legends and rumours of the events leading up to the eruption abound, some even claiming that a group of elves used ‘the last of the magic’ in an attempt to free Thauem from the chaotic rule of the barbarians.

Thauem is now a sparsely inhabited island, the land is only just beginning to recover from the effects of the catastrophic eruption. The population has been reduced significantly by the famine and disease which followed. Magic is treated with suspicion and the (now mostly human) population give tribute to their own primitive gods in the hope of a good harvest and a mild winter.”

Adventures in Thauem are played out with the Labyrinth Lord rules, a ‘retroclone’ of the basic rules for ‘The World’s Most Popular Fantasy Roleplaying Game’


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