The Brotherhood

“Share the light and heal the darkness”

The Brotherhood Of The Everbright Flame is a religious order which worships a god of light who the members of the order refer to as ‘The Flame’. They have had a presence in Thauem for a number of years. Initially individuals or small groups of two or three missionaries travelled from their home land of Narantin to spread their message.

The order has established a small temple in the town of Redwood Mill As well as the newly built temple the order has a small library and infirmary in an existing building in town. The latter has proved increasingly popular, despite initially being treated with some suspicion. The clerics who staff the infirmary ask no payment but accept donations.

Thauem is a dark and grey place and The Brotherhood’s message has touched many people. They are pacifists and healers but travelling members of the order will be prepared to defend themselves and will be equipped appropriately (some choosing to wear a good quality chain shirt under their outer robe) Members of the order are forbidden from drawing blood and would normally defend themselves with the Naran, a quarter staff carried by every member of the order. When an Acolyte is initiated into the order they are issued a plain, 6’ hardwood staff which the initiates carve themselves as they progress through the order. The staff is the only indication of seniority as the clerics wear identical brown woollen robes.

The Brotherhood

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