Time For A Change - Session Two

Whilst resting at the inn in Redwood Mill our brave adventurers meet Caluki, an elf and fellow adventurer who offers his bow and sword in exchange for a share of the reward for recovering the clock.

As evening draws in the party investigate Cornelius Knutt’s home. With no sign that the house is occupied they take a chance and effect an unconventional entry. Arturio helps himself to a number of scrolls and scraps of parchment. They also discover a ledger full of figures which appears to correlate somehow to the Thauem calendar. Whilst investigating the calendar they notice that a second calendar device on the fireplace displays a different date. When the dates are matched a hidden door swings open revealing a stone stair leading to the cellar.

The cellar is Cornelius Knutt’s workshop and reading the research notes the adventurers discover he is trying to build a machine that will enable him to travel through time. In his notes Cornelius Knutt describes time as being “like a river and in my machine I shall sail upon the river, sailing even against the current if I can only find my compass” The compass he is looking for is apparently a device for measuring time accurately. He has tried using water clocks and candles with limited success.

The notes imply that Cornelius Knutt originally intended to travel back before the time of ‘the devastation’ to experience and research the world. He has practised magic for many years and is also a student of history. The Thau Ele (Thauem’s original native population of Elves) hold a particular fascination for him. As they read on the it becomes clear that these experiments appear to have affected the balance of his mind and the notes become less coherent. His final entries talk of the great power of the devastation and his desire to harness that power.

Chained in the corner of the cellar is the pathetic form of a deformed and damaged Goblin. Jedediah and Caluki show the poor beast some compassion and in return the Goblin assists them by directing them to the ‘quarry’ where they believe Knutt is continuing his experiments.

As the party approaches a large tree, a goblin sentry spots Turner, hitting him with a crossbow bolt before he disappears into cover. The party fight back, find an entrance and descend into a complex of ancient ruins, pushing through a determined but unsuccessful goblin defence. They discover an improvised sleeping area and follow the only, hidden exit from that space fighting more Goblins until they find themselves in front of a set of ancient, ornate double doors. The ground begins to vibrate.


brucecunnington brucecunnington

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