Time For A Change - Session Three

The large, thick oak double doors are old. Our intrepid thief checks for traps and listens at the crack between the doors. Confident that the way is safe Turner none the less suggests Jedediah open the door.

Th door opens into a large almost circular chamber. In the centre is a chalk circle approximately 6’ in diameter which glows with a mysterious purple light. It is surrounded by candles and on the opposite side of the circle is a metal framed contraption, approximately 5’ cubed, connected to the circle by an array of metal fittings and pipework. The clock!

On the other side of the room are the ruins of some tiered seating with a row of stone benches at ground level and two more tiers supported by pillars. Directly opposite the entrance the party used is a single closed door. The chamber resembles some kind of arena. Two goblins stand guard, one is swiftly dispatched with an arrow, the second runs towards the closed door but succumbs to Arturio’s charm spell.

The party ask their new ‘friend’ some questions, discovering that Cornelius Knutt disappeared into the circle shortly before they arrived. They also determine that there is a ‘big goblin’ called ‘The Beastmaster’ behind the single door near the tiered seating. The door is quickly barricaded and after dispatching the charmed goblin the adventurers decide to step into circle in pursuit of Knutt.

Temporarily blinded and disorientated by the purple light, when the adventurers regain their senses they find they are in the same location, but judging by the state of repair of the pillars and seats they quickly ascertain they have travelled back in time. The seats are occupied by people dressed in what our friends believe to be an older fashioned style of dress (specifically they are wearing lightweight robes fit for a warmer climate)

Once the audience overcomes their surprise at the sudden appearance of a group of ‘magicians’ an older, well dressed gentleman stands and order the party seized. They are taken to cage-like cell in a holding area near the arena and discover the prisoner in the next cell is Cornelius Knutt. Knutt is suprised to find the party are pursuing him and confirms they have travelled back in time. Due to an error on his part the portal has opened in a different time then he intended. Instead of opening to in empty cave during the rule of the Thau-Ele they have instead found themselves in a brutal fighting arena run by the Karag He implores the party to help him and admits he was wrong to take the clock.

Between them Knutt and the party plan to stage a fight to ‘entertain’ the audience and hopefully place them back in the arena when the portal is due to reopen. They suggest to the Karag that a battle between ‘powerful magicians’ would surely entertain the audience and the Karag agree but a guard points out that they must first build the anticipation for such a bout and insists that the party face a more traditional opponent first, throwing them into the arena against a fierce black bear. The adventurers defeat the bear, but not without taking some wounds. Healing is provided by the Karag and the excitement of the crowd buils.

As they return to the arena it is clear that our party are popular with a group of spectators that form the lower class of society, they are greeted with cheers and applause. When Cornelius Knutt arrives in the arena the crowd fall silent. He hold his hands in the air and as he starts to chant a fierce purple light shimmers and an Ogre, wielding a wooden club appears to step forward. The brave elf holds his ground but his arrow goes wide and neither the cleric or thief appear to be able to hit the Ogre (which is actually an illusion cast by Knutt) Eventually the Ogre strikes Jedediah and he falls to the ground, unmoving. Knutt defends himself from further (feined) attack with a shield spell and manoeuvres to place his Ogre/Illusion between him and the party just as the portal opens. In a desperate bid to escape and leave our brave friends stranded in the past he launches a magic missile at Arturio before stepping into the portal.

The party grab their fallen comrade and dash towards the portal before Knutt has time to close it forever. Once again they experience the same disorientation but move quickly to restrain Knutt who is now desperately trying to move the barricade and make his escape. Jedediah awakes from his incapacitation, unharmed by Knutt’s illusion and the party make arrangements to transport Knutt back to Redwood Mill and recover the clock to the temple.

Knutt is handed over to the town guard who will hold him until a meeting of the town elders can be convened to decide his fate.

The party visit Father Rasmus at the temple who is surprised when he discovers the use that Knutt planned for their prized clock. The party are rewarded for it’s safe return. They are also offered an additional incentive to share Knutt’s calendar research notes with the Brotherhood and it is agreed that the information will be placed in their library and made available to all. There is some discussion of the future of the clock, members of the brotherhood now fear that it might be misused in the future. Father Rasmus suggests that a decision can be delayed until after the town meeting which will decide Knutt’s fate. He asks the party for their trust and asks them not to disclose the details of Knutt’s experiments.


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