Stonehell Canyon (Session Five)

The party investigated the pool and waterfall near the western end of the canyon, discovering warm water cascading down the rocks and into a tepid pool. Terner explored the pool and discovered a mysterious metal sphere set into the rock at the bottom of the floor.

They also discovered a manmade network of tunnels and rooms which they explored encountering a rabid looking racoon and a spitting cobra. Secreted in a hidden compartment in a table leg the party find a ring which appears to hold magical properties. Father Dalgaard later tells them he suspects the magic is related to the mysterious sphere in the pool.

Jeddediah left an offering at the shrine of St Ras, found in the most complete of the ruined buildings in east of the canyon.

The remaining ruins, caves and animal lairs were explored and a crab spider and giant caterpillars encountered. The party recognised that the layout of one of the ruined buildings corresponded to a location that had been crudely mapped out amongst the graffiti on the gatehouse wall. Digging in that location they found a bag of mixed coin and the grave of what they presume to be a fallen adventurer.

As the light faded from the day our heroes visited a cave which they believed to be home to ‘Coal’, a black bear rumoured to bestow good luck on travellers and parties of adventurers. Caluki cast a sleep spell and whilst his colleagues backs were turned investigating the cave Terner thrust his two handed sword into the beast. A brief, bloody fight ensued and the bear was killed.


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