Segue to Stonehell (Session Four)

Cornelius Knutt has been handed over to the town guard in Redwood Mill and has been kept under lock and key pending the outcome of a meeting of the town council.

Redwood Mill, like many other towns in Thauem is governed by a council who meet regularly. The town warden is elected by ballot, chairs the meetings and has the casting vote in the event of deadlock. Also present at the meeting:

Captain Arroway (Captain of the Town Guard)

Tom Stone, the Inn Keeper (representing the business folk)

Bill Fletcher, Farmer (representative of the farmers and folk outside the town walls)

Father Rasmus Bystrom (of The Brotherhood the The Everbright Flame)

Cornelius Knutt is also present, chained hand and foot and flanked on each side by a member of the town guard. Other guards are at the doors and on the stage. Also present is a large crowd of townsfolk.

The meeting begins Father Rasmus states the allegations and the party are introduced to the council as ‘investigators’ hired by the brotherhood. They hand over Knutt’s research notes the council are convinced that he did indeed plot to steal the ‘Clock’ which he intended to use for his own nefarious ends. The townsfolk are shocked and frightened to hear Knutt (and possible the adventurers?) may be guilty of ‘witchcraft’.

Father Rasmus, who is already aware of Knutt’s interest in the history of Thauem and the magic of the Thau Ele, tries to explain to the people of Redwood Mill that whilst magic is potentially dangerous it also has the power to achieve good. He uses the Brotherhood’s own divine healing as an example and suggests that they should be not so quick to condemn Knutt. He suggests that our brave adventurers might like to escort Father Dalgaard on an expedition to a place known as ‘Stonehell’ a mine, later turned into a prison by the Karag after they invaded Thauem. Father Dalgaard hopes the party may find evidence of the Thau Ele and information that might help discover what brought about ‘The Devastation’

The party’s journey to Stonehell is uneventful. Father Dalgaard sets camp outside the gate house while our brave adventurers investigate the forbidding building and the surrounding area.


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