Into Stonehell Dungeon (Session Six)

After further fruitless investigation of the tepid pool and its mysterious metallic sphere the party decided it was time to investigate Stonehell proper…

A flat stone plaque over the entrance reads:

“Beware All Who Enter
These Benighted Halls of Stone.
Within Lies No Solace
Nor Any Comforts of Home.
Toiling For Our Crimes
We Must Dig Where We Dwell,
With No Freedom or Mercy
In Our Vast Stony Hell.”

The group descended 100 feet to the first level of the dungeon. Many of the rooms were empty and appear to have been picked over many times. Caluki beat a hasty retreat after discovering green slime coming out of a water pump in a disused kitchen area. Whilst picking through piles of detritus in another room Arturio uncovered a nest of three spitting cobras. Jeddadiah and Caluki were both injured in the fight. Caluki resisted the venom from his bite but Jeddadiah was left blinded, forcing the party to retreat and seek Father Dalgaard’s advice and healing. They rested overnight (and are now on the seventh day of their trip)

Returning to the dungeon the party encountered another group of adventurers who appeared down on their luck. Rather than brutally murdering the sleeping group they elected to continue on their way and shortly thereafter blundered into a group of Orcs. Retreating back into the corridor to make a stand they defeated their attackers. Terner scouted ahead and discovered the rest of the orcs who they also killed.

Having sustained some injuries the group considered trying to recruit reinforcements but when they returned to the room where they had encountered the other party they discovered most appeared to have been murdered, the remaining party member stood naked, covered in his friends blood, with a look of madness in his eyes. He was quickly dispatched when he raised his sword in Jeddadiah’s direction.

The group returned to the common room and broke into a room in the north wall, rousing the Orc’s Captain from a dwarven brandy induced sleep only to cast another spell which returned him briefly to the land of nod until Terner slit his throat…

The party distributed their loot and healing potions and reluctantly left the Orc Captain’s finely crafted axe behind before exploring the surrounding corridors and discovering an elaborate sparking trap which they were able to disarm. Having briefly explored the network of corridors they decided to rest up.


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